Preceptor Campaign

Laying the Ground Work: Chiropractor Preceptor Push 2023

We ask you to reach out to your legislative representatives to discuss allowing chiropractic preceptors to practice in the state.

Follow these steps:

  1. Find your NC representatives.
  2. Ask to meet them to discuss this vital cause.
  3. Use these talking points and print them out as a leave-behind.
  4. If you cannot connect with your elected official, please send this letter/email. You will need to copy and paste this template into an email or word document. Be sure to personalize with the appropriate information, such as name.

Need help with How to Talk to Legislators?

We have created a legislative toolkit to help you get started on the grassroots journey.

If you prefer to schedule an appointment with another doctor or have another doctor join you and your legislator for a coffee/meeting, let Heather Wrenn know so she can help coordinate that. There is strength and comfort in numbers. Email her at