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Each NCCA DC membership now automatically includes CA Membership. The NCCA provides resources to help CAs meet the needs of their chiropractors and the patients they serve. A CA Membership gives access to discounted education classes, NCCA communications, and resources to make practices more effective. If you need to create a CA member profile, please click “CA Member Creation” below.

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Chiropractic Assistant Education

The NCCA offers quality education to chiropractic assistants. The education options we offer meet all North Carolina requirements and more information about each specific program can be found below.

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This course comprises 18 hours online and 6 hours in-person, for a total of 24 hours as required by the North Carolina State Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NCBOCE).

When registering for this course, you will register based on the in-person course and test date. Please note the education deadlines associated with these dates to ensure you have enough time to adequately prepare for your personal education and study style.

 Please check the event calendar for upcoming classes.


In order to maintain your Certified Clinical CA licensure, you are required to obtain 6-hours of continuing education prior to your expiration date. You may start your recertification education within one year of the expiration date listed on your certificate. The required education must be a total of 6 credits.

To find the latest recertification course, click here.


The 50-hour basic X-ray training programs for chiropractic assistants are now available with more convenience while delivering the same great quality that NCCA education programs strive to achieve. This is hosted on the NCCA’s new online education platform and specific information will be sent to attendees upon registration.

This course meets the requirement for basic X-ray proficiency as directed by the North Carolina State Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NCBOCE). Exams will be given under the auspices of the NCBOCE. Each module provides the attendee with the required knowledge and training to assist the doctor of chiropractic in taking and processing X-rays of the appendicular and axial skeleton.

Please check the event calendar for upcoming classes


The NCCA offers 6-Hour X-ray Recertification for CAs who have completed the 50-Hour Basic X-ray Certification Program. Once you are certified, you must attend one 6-hour recertification class every two years after your certification year. The classes will review physics, positioning, and methods of improving radiographic quality.

To find the latest recertification course, click here.