Legislative Blitz Instructions on June 21st

Thank you to all the doctors that emailed their legislators on June 7th! Now, on Tuesday, June 21st, we are asking you to follow-up and schedule to engage with your elected officials when they are out of session.

The NCCA is proud of our PAC and the advocacy that we provide our members. Before COVID, we hosted a Legislative Day and invited NCCA members to join us in Raleigh to meet with their legislators.

This year we are going to do things a little differently. The engagement has never been so easy! All members can participate and not worry about driving to Raleigh or losing a day away from their patients. We want statewide participation. We want EVERYONE to participate. Share the chiropractic story – This is the 2022 NCCA Legislative Blitz!

If you missed the Legislative Blitz on June 7th, its not too late! It’s never too late to start a dialogue with your elected officials. Start with Step 1 below.

It’s All About Connections! Help Us Reach Our Legislative Advocacy Goal!

We’ve provided you with the language for your email, so just cut, paste, and personalize it. I have a big goal. I want 167 doctors participating on 6/7. All it takes is a click of a button to send an email, and you may make a connection for a chiropractic ally in Raleigh. Help the NCCA reach our goal!

Once we reach our goal, and I believe, with your help, we can, then on Tuesday, June 21st, we will ask you all to email them AGAIN. This time it will be inviting them to coffee when they are back in their district or a tour of your office.

Prefer meeting your legislator face-to-face? I’m happy to accompany any doctor to visit their legislator in downtown Raleigh. We can schedule that with what works best for for everyone’s schedule.

By Heather Wrenn, CEO

Steps on June 21st:

  • Step 1: Copy and paste the email to schedule to send to your legislators on June 21st. Be sure to personalize with YOUR information.
  • Step 2: Post a picture of your meeting with your elected official on your Facebook page and be sure to tag the NCCA!

Orginal Legislative Steps from June 7th:

  • Step 1: Find Your Legislator
  • Step 2: Copy and paste the email language and schedule to send to your legislators on June 7th. Be sure to personalize with YOUR information. Download and include the attachment in the email. If you have a relationship with an elected official who is not your representative or senator, send them an email!
  • Step 3: Fill out this form for us know who you contacted and that you participated.
  • Step 4: Copy and paste the email language to schedule to send to your legislators on June 21st. Again, be sure to PERSONALIZE YOUR information.

Thank you for participating and strengthening the legislative engagement of chiropractic!