Life University COVID-19 Patient Survey

Survey Overview

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has continued to impact nations across the globe. While information is being added to the healthcare knowledge base at a rapid pace, little is understood about the potential impact and role of chiropractic care on COVID-19 disease. Anecdotally, many chiropractors – especially before the shelter in place request – were seeing patients with symptoms consistent with SARS-CoV-2. Many of these patients reported a positive benefit from the care they received from their chiropractors.

To gain a better understanding of how chiropractic patients are experiencing COVID-19 disease, researchers at Life University are studying the disease in relation to patient characteristics, health and lifestyle practices, and chiropractic care use. Dr. Sal Minicozzi and Life University has asked the NCCA and other state associations to distribute this opportunity to our members and encourage their patients to complete.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please direct them to the research team. They may be reached at 770-426-2639 or

Steps to Support This Effort:

Sample Front Desk Script with potential Q & A

The Doctor
 is participating in a national research project on COVID-19 and Chiropractic
Here you go! (Hand them the flier)
To access the survey, please scan this QR code with your phone to begin.
Participation is completely voluntary and anonymous.

Q. How long does it take?
A. That depends on you and your answers. The most it usually takes is about 10 minutes. Some people have finished in as little as 7.

Q. What are you studying? What are you hoping to find out?
A. After you click the QR code, you can read all about it. Then you can decide to take it or not.
There’s a place on this flier with information on how to contact the researchers directly.
They can answer all your questions.

Q. Can I take it later?
A. Sure, just take this paper home with you and take the survey at your leisure.
The QR code is right on it.

Q. What if I did (didn’t) have COVID-19
A. We are required by the Researchers to invite all of our patients to participate.