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I’m looking for a motivated, self started to develop their own practice within my office. I am only working 3 days a week and i need someone to help me with the overflow of new patients and regular patients. If you are willing to work, we have patients for you to take care of, you will even have your own 300 square feet area to work out of. I am currently seeing about 100 people a week and would like to pass some of those on to whoever comes here to work. I am slowly reducing my hours with a plan to retire in 2-3 years. At that time my practice and building would be available for sale. My plan is to charge a small amount of rent in the beginning, increasing over time as you grow. You would be in an extremely great opportunity to grow a large successful practice. Toyota is opening the very first electric car battery plant in the United States, 3 miles from my office, the plant will open in 2 years and will employ over 3000 people. The expected growth in this area is exponential, and this would definitely benefit you and your practice.