Insurance 101: Insurance Information

This video covers all the basics of insurance information to assist the front desk with their insurance patients. The video will explain how deductibles, copays, and coinsurance works and what to collect from the patient, as well as the fee schedules for insurance companies.

Insurance 101: Medicare

This video will explain what Medicare covers in a chiropractic office and the importance of a signed ABN form by the patient each year. Understanding what a Medicare replacement plan is versus regular Medicare will assist the front office in knowing what to collect from the patient.

Insurance 101: Personal Injury and Workers Compensation

This video will explain the importance of collecting all necessary information on the first visit for a PI or WC case. It covers what documents are specifically needed for an auto insurance company and attorney in dealing with a PI case, as well as confirming there is an authorization for visits for a WC case.

Insurance 101: Miscellaneous Information

This video will explain the importance of OPTUM/UHC and what is needed to get authorization for certain Optum/UHC plans. There are also some important guidelines given when submitting on behalf of your VA patients through OPTUM.

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